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Make your home more comfortable, more energy efficient and save money on your heating bills.

If you live in a traditional home in Cheltenham you can make improvements to retain and enhance its character and make it more comfortable and energy efficient.

Warmer Cheltenham has all the information you need, at your finger tips, to be empowered to make responsible and holistic choices for your home.

What are the Opportunities available to you?
What are the Permissions you may need?
Get a better understanding of what to Consider, and so avoid unintended consequences
See Case Studies of what nearby households have already done
Check out an extensive list of Resources
Compile your own Personalised Report as a PDF

Types of Opportunity



Battery Storage

Boiler -Biomass

Boilers -Gas

DIY draught-proofing

Double Glazing

Draught Proofing -Overview

Draught Proofing Chimneys,
Flues and Service Penetrations

Draught Proofing Floors,
Skirting Boards and Ceilings

Draught Proofing Windows and

Electric Storage Heaters

Heat Pumps

Heating Controls

Heating Systems

Insulating & Soundproofing
Internal Walls


Insulation -Carpets and

Insulation -Exterior Wall

Insulation -Interior Wall

Insulation -Loft/Roof

Insulation -Solid Floors

Insulation -Suspended Timber

Insulation -Walls


Lime Mortar -Re-Pointing

Rainwater Harvesting

Reflective Panels for

Secondary Glazing

Shutters, Curtains and Blinds

Solar Energy

Solar PV

Solar Thermal

Soundproofing Interior Walls2

Thermal Stores

Ventilation -Mechanical

Ventilation -Natural

Whole House Renovation


Wood Burning Stove

Types of Permission


Building Regulations

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Buildings of Local Importance

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Cheltenham Conservation Areas

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Listed Buildings

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Planning Permission -Overview

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Planning Permission -The

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Types of Consideration


Energy Hierarchy

Energy Monitoring

Energy Performance

Energy, Money & Carbon

Feed In Tariffs

Health - Cold Homes

Improving Cheltenham's
Historic Homes -Background

Microgeneration Certification
Scheme (MCS)

Moisture Control -Damp and

Neighbourhood Considerations

Passive and Active Design

Planning Policy

Practical Guidance (Overview)
to to Help Reduce Energy Use

Private Rented Sector

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Specific Needs -Disablilty and