1930s detached house

CONSTRUCTION: 1930s detached house with cavity walls and a sun room extension.

KEY FEATURES: Triple glazing, solar PV with backup batteries, sun room with passive solar gain, solar thermal hot water, wood burning stoves, LED lighting, energy management.

The house already had loft insulation and cavity wall insulation, but the owners wanted to do what they could to reduce fossil fuel use and their carbon emissions. This was achieved with a range of insulation and renewable energy improvements, and using permaculture principles.

Main improvements Cost

Savings  per annum

  £ kWh CO2 equivalent
Loft top-up £250 £60 280 kg
LED ceiling lights £3 each £2.50 16 6 kg
Shower reducer free £70 120 kg
Solar PV 3.8 kWp £9,000 £735 746
Solar thermal 1,500
Wood burning stoves 20,000 3.7 tonnes
Triple glazing £20,000 £160

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