Extended Edwardian detached house

Construction: Edwardian 4 bedroom detached house. An early example of cavity wall construction, with both solid brick and modern cavity wall extensions

Key features: Cavity and solid wall insulation, with Micro CHP heating system and digital controls, solar pv, solar thermal and double and triple glazing.

This family home demonstrates how the changes and improvements made over a period of time have taken the house from being cold and expensive to run to being a warm and comfortable home with low energy bills and a low environmental impact.

The owner has kept detailed energy records since 2001 which show how the energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements have reduced the amount of energy used over a year from around 59,000 Kwhs (gas and electric) to under 27000 in 2014. A reduction of over 50% which is also reflected in annual CO2 emissions which have dropped from 11.45 tonnes to 5 tonnes over the same period.

‘There is no question that the improvements we have made have resulted in the house being more comfortable, and the savings speak for themselves. I have calculated that we would have been spending about £3000 a year on energy bills if we had not made the improvements, and not the £1000 it now costs us.’

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