Building Regulations

Even if you do not need planning permission for work, you may still need to consider Building Regulations and get approval from the Council’s Building Control Officers. Building Regulations set standards for the design, construction and alteration of buildings to ensure safety and health for people, including those with disabilities, in or around those buildings and to help conserve fuel and power.

The following types of projects potentially involving energy saving will require Building Regulation approval:

  • extensions (see exempt works for porches and conservatories)
  • loft conversion
  • garage or basement conversions to form a habitable room
  • replacement of flue or flue lining, fireplace or chimney
  • electrical works
  • window and door replacements
  • structural alterations such as removal of load bearing walls and chimney breasts
  • re-roofing, as the structural and thermal performance of the new roof will have to comply with the regulations
  • vented and unvented hot water storage system
  • solar energy

Details of what Building Regulations approval is needed is included with each specific type of work (see Related Opportunities). It is advisable to use builders and installers who are registered with their relevant trade bodies and who therefore know the standards and regulations that apply.

The Cheltenham Borough Council website gives more information (see Resources)