Heating Systems

All the Regency and Victorian homes in Cheltenham were built with one heating system in mind: open fires. One of the most distinctive features of the famous urban landscape of Cheltenham is the mass of chimney pots, held high above the roof tops on the sturdy party walls of the terraces below. These chimney pots, and the chimneys and fireplaces beneath them, are a key component of the design of traditional houses, yet today they are rarely used. In the modern era of gas-fired central heating we can enjoy warm interiors without the penalty of coal-fired particulate pollution clogging our lungs and spoiling the view.

Modern gas boilers are over 90% efficient, a great improvement on open fires which send around 80% of their heat straight up the chimney. If you have an old boiler (old than about 10 years), an upgrade will make a significant difference to your heating bills. However you also need to make sure that the boiler is providing heat in the right place at the right time. This involves either using your heating controls more effectively or improving them.

There is also the option of switching your heat source to a different fuel. This is likely to be attractive if you currently heat your home with electricity as this is the most expensive of all fuels. Gas is both cheaper and cleaner than electricity. However wood burners and boilers may also be attractive if you have access to a reliable source of sustainable wood fuel.