Rainwater Harvesting

Garden systems save water & money andĀ help beat the hosepipe ban.

  • Plants grow better in rainwater, which has a balanced pH and is free of chemicals such as chlorine.
  • A standard hosepipe can deliver up to 500 litres per hour, therefore it is very easy to forget just how expensive it can be to use water in the garden. It’s not until the end of the summer when the bill arrives, when you will find out just how much it costs.
  • Storage can be by water butt, above ground or underground storage and depends on space available and end-use requirements.
  • Cleaner water is less likely to carry-over disease, therefore reducing the risk to plants and fish.
  • For sealed storage filtering the water as it enters the tank results in less odours and ensuring nozzles and sprayers are kept unblocked. Traditional water butts often only divert water into the storage, this can lead to water quality issues.