Solar Energy

The builders of Regency Cheltenham were well aware of the value of sunshine in bringing heat, light and delight to their new homes. Unlike many modern homes, built with modest windows (for walls are cheaper to build than windows), most of the traditional homes of Cheltenham celebrate the light. The builders of Cheltenham would perhaps have been more sympathetic to solar panels than many of today’s builders. A beautifully detailed, wrought-iron Victorian solar panel would have been a joy to behold. Although the technology is modern, many traditional buildings are particularly well-suited to solar panels. The Georgian and Regency valley roof is ideal as it offers a safe environment to install and maintain solar panels, substantial unshaded roof area, and protection from the gaze of those who wish to admire the buildings without modern accretions.

Before you consider whether or not a solar panel will look right on your roof, ask yourself whether this is the most appropriate action to be taking. It makes little sense to start producing your own energy if you are currently throwing energy away on a regular basis. Measures to save energy and use energy more efficiently should always have priority over the installation of renewable energy technology.

Electricity or hot water?

There are two different types of solar panel, employing two completely different types of technology, solar PV and solar thermal. See related opportunities for more information.